how to care for your breast form

How do I care for my breast form?

Daily do’s and don’ts for taking care of a breast prosthesis.

Once you have been fit with the right breast form for your needs and wishes, you need to know how to care for it properly to ensure it remains in the best condition possible for as long as possible. Most insurance companies pay for replacement breast forms on a certain cadence, so helping your form to last that whole duration matters–and it ensures you keep looking and feeling your best.

Follow these simple tips to care for your breast form:


✅ Wash your form after every use or wear
✅ Use gentle soap or cleanser and warm water
✅ Gently pat or wipe dry or set out to air dry
✅ Store in the provided box to maintain shape
✅ If wearing to swim, rinse off immediately after use to clean chlorine or salt
✅ Protect from puncture due to pins, brooches, pet claws, plant thorns, or other items


🚫 Use hot or boiling water to clean
🚫 Use abrasive cleaners, cloths or sponges
🚫 Use powders, body lotion, or perfume on skin that touches the form
🚫 Put in direct sunlight to dry
🚫 Machine wash, even on a gentle cycle
🚫 Wear in a sauna or steam room

Bonus Tip...

Many women find that taking their breast form into the shower with them is an ideal time and way to clean it!

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