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A cancer diagnosis can be confusing, in part because of the many new terms and concepts you must learn. When it comes to living with your cancer, let us help you understand the different products available so you feel empowered to choose what’s right for you. 

Mastectomy Breast Forms

What is a symmetrical breast form?

A symmetrical breast form fits and can be worn on either your left or right side. The design is identical (symmetrical), allowing for this. When shopping for a symmetrical form, select the size you need.

What is an asymmetrical breast form?

An asymmetrical breast form fits only one side of your body. The design is made to fit either your left or your right breast. When shopping for an asymmetrical form, first select the side (left or right) you want and then the size you need.

What is a partial breast form?

A partial breast form, also referred to as a shaper, balancing shaper or partial shaper, fills in missing or uneven breast tissue on one area of your breast. Full breast forms cover your entire breast. Partial shapers work well after a lumpectomy.

What shape of breast form should I buy?

The shape of your form depends largely on your natural breast shape and on the look you want. Breast forms generally come in triangular or round shapes but some feature a rounded triangular appearance.

How do I get the right fit for a breast form?

Many factors go into a good fit for a breast form. Our certified breast form fitters can walk you through this process when you come in for a custom fitting session.

What happens if I sweat with a breast form in?

Many breast forms are designed with special technology to wick away moisture and regulate your body temperature. Whether from exercise, hot flashes or humid climates, these forms can take the heat!

How do breast forms work with bras?

Some breast forms adhere to your body while other breast forms fit neatly into pockets sewn into the bra cups.

Can I get a breast form wet?

Special swim forms let you enjoy water the way you like it – whether you like to wade at the beach or swim laps.

How do I care for my breast form?

Simply wash your form in mild soap and water and pat dry. Keeping your form clean will prevent buildup of body oils and increase its longevity.

Do breast forms carry a warranty?

Most breast forms come with a two-year warranty. Swim breast forms come with a one-year warranty.


What are the benefits of a synthetic wig?

A synthetic wig offers you many benefits, including simplicity for everyday wear. These wigs maintain their look so there’s no styling needed – just put it on and go! They are also easy to care for and provide great longevity.

Are synthetic wigs heat-resistant?

Some synthetic wigs hold up better around heat than others. However, it is always advisable to be careful when in close contact with heat sources such as ovens, fireplaces or outdoor fires as even the most heat-resistant wig may be susceptible to issues if you get too close.

Can I dye a synthetic wig?

Synthetic wigs come in one color and should not be dyed.

Do synthetic wigs look fake?

There are many different types of synthetic wigs and many look just as natural as human hair wigs. Some of the differences include the cap construction and the weave used in the wig. Let us help you learn more about these and find a wig with the natural look you desire.

Can I style a synthetic wig?

Synthetic wigs come in a style ready to go. If you want to style your wig, you’ll want to look for a human hair wig. But, know you will need to style and care for it regularly. Human hair wigs are generally more expensive and some hair types may have limited availability.

What is a 100% hand-tied wig?

Every hair strand on these wigs are hand-tied to the cap. This results in a softer, smoother cap and more comfortable wear for sensitive skin or total hair loss.

What is a monofilament wig?

A monofilament wig features soft nylon mesh or sheer polyester at the crown or top to allow your skin to show through. This results in a natural scalp look. Hairs are hand-tied to the cap for natural hair movement as well.

What is a lace front wig?

These wigs feature an uber-sheer lace front to create a truly natural hairline appearance. This front also gives you the chance to style your wig away from your face without the edge of the wig being seen.

What is a wefted cap wig?

Also called an open cap wig, a wefted cap wig is lightweight and breathable as the hair strands are spaced out throughout the wig cap. These wigs may be ideal for hot, summer weather.