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Partial vs. Full Breast Forms

What is the difference, and how do I know which one I need?

When you have some or all of your breast tissue removed, you may choose to wear a breast form to provide the appearance of actual breasts. As you make this decision, it is helpful to know a bit about the different types of forms from which you may choose. 

Partial vs. full mastectomy

The first step in shopping for a breast form is dictated by the type of surgery you have. If you have had some tissue from a breast removed and some tissue remaining, you will want a partial form. If, however, you have had an entire breast (or both) removed, you will want a full form. 

Types of partial breast forms

With a partial mastectomy, the shape of the missing tissue can vary greatly from woman to woman. For this reason, partial forms come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs based on how much tissue has been removed and the location of the tissue removal. For example, we have forms that are triangular, oval, shell-shaped and semi-circular. 

Types of full breast forms

As with partial forms, there are a myriad of sizes and shapes to fit your body. If you have a remaining breast, the goal is generally about creating symmetry by matching that size and shape. If you have had both breasts removed, you can honestly select any shape or size you want!

The importance of a professional fitting

Because of the range of needs and products available, we always recommend women come in to our store for a one-on-one professional fitting. This provides you the best possible opportunity to find exactly what you need and know that you will feel confident in how you look and how to take care of your new breast form. 

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