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Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Breast Forms

What is the difference, and how do I know which one I need?

A breast form is a prosthesis for women who have had all or part of their breast removed due to breast cancer. When a woman wears a breast form under her clothing, her breasts look of equal size and shape as before her surgery. It allows her to feel comfortable and confident in her appearance, even in form-fitting tops.

Multiple types of breast forms are designed based on where and how much tissue was removed during surgery. Let’s learn more to understand how you can determine which type of breast form is right for you.

Tissue removal during surgery

During a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy, doctors may remove tissue from an affected breast and up to and under the arm. In many situations, the amount of tissue removed under or near the arm is minimal, keeping this area on the left and right sides intact and equal to before surgery. However, there may be times when a surgeon must remove a significant amount of tissue closer to the arm. 

Symmetrical breast forms

Symmetrical breast forms are a standard shape that allows them to be worn on either the right or left breast. They work well when little to no tissue is lost nearer to or under the arm, as there is no need to smooth out this area.

Asymmetrical breast forms

When more tissue is lost on one side of the breast and on the breast, the inequality in shape and size extends beyond the breast to this area. To smooth the shape out, the breast form must be shaped to include this area to ensure it fits only the left or the right side. 

Working with a provider certified in fitting you for a breast form is always recommended to get the best fit possible and feel your best in all your clothes with your new form.

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