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What to Expect at Your First Mastectomy Form & Bra Fitting

What happens when I go in to get fit for a mastectomy form or bra?

Shopping for any bra is a very personal experience, and shopping for a mastectomy bra with a mastectomy form is even more so. When you need someone to help ensure a proper fit and look, you let someone into your personal space and life. Knowing what to expect before you can can empower you and make you feel more comfortable with the process.

Unilateral vs. bilateral form needs

At The Essential Woman Boutique, we start every fitting appointment by getting to know you, your needs, and your preferences. You know the look you want and how you want to feel, and that directs everything we do. 

The type and size of form you will need will be largely directed by the surgery you had. If you had one breast removed, we use your remaining breast as a guide to the shape and size of the form on the other side. If you have had a double mastectomy, the size and shape of form will be based on what size and shape you desire. 

Measuring for bra size

To select the right bra, we will measure the circumference of the area where the bra band will sit, just as if you were buying at the store. The cup size will be based on the size of your remaining breast, if any, and the accompanying form or the two forms if that is what you need. 

Selecting your bra

We have many bra styles and colors, so you can choose the one you prefer. Like lace? We’ve got it. Prefer a smooth look? We have that, too! As for colors, we’ve got whites, brights, and everything in between—it’s all up to you!

Putting the form and bra together

Mastectomy bras have pockets in the cups into which forms are placed. We will put the form(s) you select into your bra of choice for you to try on. We recommend you put your shirt on with this to see how it looks with clothes. If you want to bring in a few shirts to see the look in different clothing styles, you can do that, too.

From here, we can try different combinations until you get the look and feel that is right for you. It is always our goal to make sure you leave feeling confident in your new mastectomy form and bra. 

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